Recently the Star-K issued this statement about Quinoa and Pesach.

Kosher for Passover Status: Quinoa was determined to be Kosher L’Pesach. It is not related to the chameishes minei dagan-five types of grain products, nor to millet or rice. Quinoa is a member of the “goose foot” family, which includes sugar beets and beet root. The Star-K tested quinoa to see if it would rise. The result was as Chazal termed, sirchon; the quinoa decayed – it did not rise. However, recent investigations have found that there is a possibility that Quinoa grows in proximity to certain grains and processed in facilities that compromise Quinoa kosher for Passover status. Therefore, Quinoa should only be accepted with reliable Kosher for Passover supervision.


WE TOTALLY DISAGREE. Quinoa is kosher for Pesach. Period. It needs no special certification. The agency raises the issue of possible (ie, maybe, could be, perhaps, maybe in a million years, etc) contamination by some form of other grains. This is an example of a very remote safek (ie, doubt). Purchase the Quinoa BEFORE Pesach. Reciting the bitul formula when you do the search for leaven and again the next day at burning time, obviates any problems. Once the bitul has been recited, you are home free.

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