Issue #160, Vol 32, No. 5 of Kashrus Magazine:

Paragraph 2: “One Orthodox rabbi plans to open a hashgacha based on the credo that he will not require “any” inspection for produce which he will certify. He bases this on seforim that say one need not use a magnifying glass to inspect, just the naked eye. While it is true that one should not (emphasis ours) inspect using a magnifying glass or a loupe, the accepted policy at Orthodox kashrus agencies is that, when one sees a spot and can not recognize whether it is an insect, he (sic) should examine it using a loupe to ascertain if it is an insect.”

PAGE 20 A full page ad entitled “Do Not Give Up Your Vegetables. Get Your Loupe Today.”

Guess who is selling the loupe? No, really, come on- guess!
Yup- Kashrus Magazine!
Now, let’s deconstruct the paragraph we quoted:

“He bases this on seforim…” How about he bases himself on rabbinic text? Calling it seforim makes it look like a second rate opinion rather than accepted halachah.

“…the accepted policy at Orthodox kashrus agencies…”
A) Policy is policy and not halachah. B) Do all so called Orthodox agencies follow this policy? No, they do not.
C) Once again, the writer attempts to sway his readers by slyly using jargon that implies that if you do not do it his way, you are wrong, or at least not Orthodox. D) “…when one sees…. he should….” Call the grammar police!

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