This restaurant, conveniently located on Rechov Shatz, is an amazing place. The food is gourmet, the service is sterling, the portions are most generous, and the menu is seasonal.

Three of us went to dinner. For our first course, we had:
Stir fried mushrooms served with fried tofu and mushroom syrup
Rump Steak Carpaccio served with whole walnuts, thyme, arugula and covered with a most tasty balsamic sauce
Melon and tomato gazpacho with basil, olive oil and candied tomatoes

On the table was crusty bread with aoili, pesto, baba ganooche and a sun dried tomato spread.

We brought a bottle of Yatir Forest wine. The corking fee was 60 NIS- the normal cost of a glass of wine.

For dinner we had:
400 gram entrecote with string beans and potato puree
400 gram sirloin with roasted veggies
Tornedo Rossini- 200 gram fillet and 50 gram foie gras served with asparagus and a green salad

Service was attentive without being obtrusive. Water glasses were refilled without having to ask. More bread was brought when the initial supply ran out.

We sat for over two hours enjoying our meal, and what a meal it was! Kashruth is Rabbanut.

The bill came to about $70 per person. None of us had dessert- we were too full!

Would we go again? You betcha!!

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