We came across a bottle of this stuff in our local supermarket. It carries an OK hechsher. Figuring, hey, why not, it’s kosher, we bought a bottle. Boy are we glad we did!!

This is some amazing condiment! The coconut gives it a sweet taste, the mango a slightly piquant taste and the peppers are wow! This is not your basic five alarm hot pepper sauce. Nope. This one slides down the throat as a sweet sauce. Then- bam! The back door on this is fantabulous. Not so hot as to make you flinch, but just enough to give you a flash of heat. WE LOVE THIS STUFF!

We have dipped chicken in it. We have spread it on cold roast beef. We have put it on grilled veggies. We have had it on a burger. We had it on fake chicken cutlets (dairy). Plain and simple, this sauce is to die for. We can’t get enough of it.

If they do not sell this product in your local store, yell at them!!

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