How to Pop Quinoa Like Popcorn
By Petra Wakefield, eHow Contributor

Quinoa grains are the seeds of a plant related to spinach and beets.

Native Americans began cultivating both corn and quinoa thousands of years ago. Quinoa was a staple food for the ancient Incans; the name means “mother grain” in their language, according to Purdue University. You can use quinoa as a gluten-free alternative to popcorn, though it will not pop as large as popcorn because the grain is smaller. The method for popping quinoa resembles the method for air-popping popcorn. In addition to eating it on its own, you can add popped quinoa to granola or cereal. Does this Spark an idea?

Things You’ll Need

Cast iron skillet or non-stick skillet
Vegetable oil spray or butter-flavored spray


Place the desired amount of quinoa in a strainer and run water over it to rinse off the bitter coating. This is unnecessary if your quinoa is pre-rinsed; the package should state whether it is.

Allow the quinoa to dry.


Heat the skillet over medium-high heat and add the quinoa in a single layer.

Shake the skillet or stir the quinoa continually to keep it from burning.

Remove the skillet from the heat as soon as you notice a roasting smell. Immediately move the quinoa to a bowl.

Spray the quinoa with vegetable oil or butter-flavored spray and sprinkle it with salt. Toss the quinoa to coat it evenly.

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