Located on Emek Refaim (restaurant row) in the heart of the German Colony, this restaurant offers both sit down service and take out food.

We ordered take out for five people for a home party. All we can say is thank goodness we all were in a festive mood and did not need the food to set the mood.

The food was presented nicely. It looked good. It was artfully arranged. The taste was totally bland.

The wonton soup was thin and watery. It tasted like raw vegetables.

The Chicken and Noodles dish was actually pretty tasty. The vegetable spring rolls were crisp and fairly tasty. The red dipping sauce had the consistency of water.

Jakarta: curry beef with veggies. If there was any curry in it, it was hiding. There was no hint of curry taste at all.

Sweetie: battered chicken in honey soy sauce with vegetables. A most interesting dish. The chicken was bland and almost tasteless. The honey soy had no discernable honey in it. The vegetables were carrots mostly with a sprinkling of other veggies thrown in for good measure.

Rice: White rice with peas, carrots and a few other veggies thrown in for color contrast. Not bad, but clearly the absence of spices spoiled this dish!

All in all, the food was a big disappointment. The food was not cheap, but whatever it cost, it was simply not worth it. One word sums it all up: bland. Want three words instead of two? Major league bland.

Spend your money elsewhere.


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