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It is interesting to note that the Jewish holidays in 2013 will indeed be early relative to the civil (secular) dates of the Gregorian calendar. In 2013, Pesach will begin on March 26.

None of us has seen Pesach that early in our lifetime, and except for the very young and healthy among us, none of us will witness the next occasion either. The last time that Pesach began as early as March 26 was in 1899 (114 years before 2013) and the next occurrence will be in 2089 (76 years later than this coming year). All of these years with the early Pesach date are at the same place in the 19 year cycle of leap years, specifically year 16, You might remember that the interval between leap years is either two or three years, and it turns out that some years (specifically year 16) are in a part of the cycle that is leap-year poor. It is at the end of a sequence of five years which contained only one leap year among them, You will also notice that the intervals that I cited, 114 years and 76 years are, of course, multiples of 19 years.

For those with longer views on the past and future:
The last time that Pesach began earlier than March 26 was in 1766 when it began on March 25.
I believe that the next time after 2089 when Pesach will begin as early as 3/26 will be after the Hebrew calendar fully cycles around the civil calendar. I haven’t run the numbers, but I estimate that to be about 8000 years.

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