We read an article about a bakery that offers “Jewish rye bread.” Hmmm, we thought. Could that be a kosher bakery?”

We googled the place and discovered that it is a well known bakery that offers a nice take away breakfast. The author of the article mentioned that if you like cream cheese, you will surely like their offerings. One of the spreads listed was bacon/scallion cream cheese.

So, here is our question: If a product is not kosher, can it be called “Jewish?” We know that you do not have to be Jewish, for example, to love Levy’s rye (kosher, btw), but is it Jewish if it is trefe?

What makes a bread Jewish? We suppose they meant that style of bread most closely associated with Jewish, ie, kosher, bread. That would be awkward to put on a label. Could they have called it “Jewish style” bread? In truth, we are not fans of that, either. Kosher style is still trefe and fairly meaningless as a descriptive.

Do kosher dills have to be kosher?

It is all too much for our little brain. Suffice it to say, not all Jewish bread is kosher. Apparently.

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