Recently, a friend came back from the holy city of Brooklyn and reported that she had seen a store selling drain strainers in three packs. One was for dairy, one was for meat, and one was for pareve.

Come on! Drain strainers??? Those things that sit in the bottom of the sink and keep stuff from washing down the drain and clogging up your pipes- those kinds of drain strainers?

We can not image what kind of people would be foolish enough to even buy the things. Hmm, P. T. Barnum was on to something when he said that there is a sucker born every minute.

Folks, the stuff that collects in your drain strainer is no longer in the halachic category of food due to the fact that it has been mixed with soap. There is no issue of separating meat, dairy and pareve.

If you see this product in a store- go shopping someplace else where they have respect for your intelligence.

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