It’s well known that bananas contain large amounts of potassium, good for all sorts of important bodily functions. What is less well known is that a small proportion of that potassium is the unstable radioactive isotope potassium-40, which is sliding down your throat alongside the regular potassium, every time you chow down on the infamous bent fruit.

However, before you get any ideas about overindulging on bananas in pursuit of super powers, be warned that it’s next to impossible to get a significant dose of radiation from banana consumption. Using calculations based upon the so-called “Banana Equivalent Dose,” you would need to find space in your stomach for 10 million bananas in a single sitting, in order to give yourself a lethal (or superpower-inducing) dose of radiation. On the off-chance that you do attempt that mission, you’re probably going to experience some significant (and probably fatal) non-radiation-related side effects long before you peel the last yellow tube, including a banana peel slip to end all banana peel slips.

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