This just in from Kosher-NY KosherBites QuickBite:

Jason Schwartz, Owner/Operator of the new kosher Manhattan location, confirms that the Glatt Kosher Subway restaurant will be located on Broadway between West 78th and 79th Streets.

In addition, the website: will be up soon with further details.

The owner’s press release says:
“Coming soon to NYC Manhattan’s Upper West Side. In keeping up with kosher dietary laws, the menu at the Glatt Kosher Subway restaurant will feature meat and parve; no dairy items will be served…With slight modifications, such as no pork-based products such as bacon or ham, and no dairy products, the menu is virtually identical to that of any other SUBWAY® restaurant…The restaurant will be open six days each week for breakfast, lunch and dinner and will be available for dining, take-out and catering services. The availability of kosher, healthy, quickly-prepared food is a great amenity for the general public. We invite everyone to stop by and try our world-famous Glatt Kosher submarine sandwiches.”

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