Hi, my name is Michael Sela and I’m the owner of Alegria, a small
delicatessen in Tel-Aviv.

I would like to introduce you to some wonderful gourmet kosher products
from Israel that I am positive will upgrade your cooking experience.

First and foremost of these is our extra virgin Picual olive oil. The
locally-cultivated Picual olives are cold-pressed to create a mild and
fruity oil, with 0.3% acidity and and low pungency and bitterness. Goes
Great with fish dishes, a plate of Ceviche, rice casseroles, green
vegetables, tomato sauces or as a base for vinaigrettes.

Or take our legendary sauce – the infused figs vinaigrette. The unique
combination of ingredients makes this a rare and delightful treat, with
the clear danger of a looming addiction!

Generally speaking, Israel’s olive oils are among the best in the world
and will season your gourmet food with the best, healthiest and richest
flavors. All our products are of the highest quality, made with the
finest local and seasonal ingredients, provided by the best farmers of
the region.

All the products are made in Israel and are kosher under the supervision
of Rabbi Shaul Achrak, Chief Rabbi of Ness Ziona.

So take a moment to review the attached link and find the gourmet
product just for you. And, of course,please share it with family and

Best regards


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  1. Written by alizakaila1
    on October 31, 2013 at 9:37 am
    Permalink also has several of these products. they are terrific

    see here

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