Emek Refaim Street in Jerusalem is always bustling with the trendiest restaurants. Here’s who is opening up or closing these days.

1. Mexican food has finally come to Jerusalem! (Well, Mike’s Place has always had it, and so does Roza, but people still complain that there’s no Mexican here.) Burrito King is at Emek Refaim 54 where Burgerim used to be, and offers vachos, tacos, burritos, fajitas, and all that sort of stuff. Here’s the menu

2. Right next door, where Moshava 54 used to be, is now Yosef HaDayag, with a fancy fish menu. Sorry for not taking a picture of their menu, because it had some of the worst English translations I’d seen on a menu in a long time (Lebanonic Humus, anyone?)

3. Replacing Holy Bagel will soon be something called Coney Island Knish. YES!

4. On the corner with Rachel Imenu, Marvad Haksamim has closed, and will be replaced by Ness Bakery and Dairy Cafe. Marvad opened up a storefront next door though, and will sell its delicious takeout food on Fridays.

5. Their competition for takeout food will be steep. A few doors down, on Rachel Imeinu 5, a new branch of Grill Plus opened, under the name Take Me Home. Their grand opening Tuesday offered free food, like kebabs, schnitzels, kuba, and Morrocan cigars.

6. Cinnabon is opening where Burgers Bar used to be.

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  1. Written by alizakaila1
    on December 15, 2014 at 1:36 pm

    why no more burger bar?

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