Chocolate Doughnut Hot Chocolate

by J.M. Hirsch
AP Food Editor

Start to finish: 10 minutes
Servings: 4

2 cups whole milk
1 glazed or sugar coated chocolate doughnut
1/2 cup semisweet chocolate chips
Pinch salt

In a blender, combine the milk and doughnut. Puree until very smooth. This could take a minute or longer.

Transfer the mixture to a medium saucepan. Whisking constantly, heat over medium until it thickens, about 3 to 4 minutes. Add the chocolate chips and salt, whisking until the chocolate has melted and the cocoa is smooth. Serve immediately.

Nutrition information per serving (values are rounded to the nearest whole number): 240 calories; 120 calories from fat (48 percent of total calories); 13 g fat (7 g saturated; 0 g trans fats); 20 mg cholesterol; 27 g carbohydrate; 5 g protein; 2 g fiber; 160 mg sodium.

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