About Us

In the late 1980’s we began publishing a newsletter dedicated to things kosher. The very first issue was mailed anonymously to fifty people from a distant post office. That newsletter was called the Kosher Crusader. A few weeks later, a second issue was mailed to 104 people, again anonymously. Our goal was to see if any of our friends could figure out who sent it. Only a few did.
We had confided to a friend – Ms. Andrea Herrera of Austin, Texas – that our dream was to publish a kosher magazine. Eventually, Andrea said, “Stop dreaming, just do it.” Hence the newsletters. Andrea, who was to become the first contributing editor, phoned and said, “Great newsletter, horrible name.” Andrea came up with the name Kosher Nexus, and it has been our name ever since.
Dedicated to showing that keeping kosher was well within reach for all Jews, the Kosher Nexus writes about kashruth in a light hearted way, and, unlike other publications, never “shreis gevalt” about kosher matters.
The Kosher Nexus has revolutionized the way others write about kashruth. Often mimicked, but never equaled, the Kosher Nexus is a wonderful resource for kosher matters for everyone. People who have kept kosher for a long time, people who are new to keeping kosher, non kosher but interested- there is something for everyone in the KN daily blog. Recipes, food reviews, new products, commentary, and restaurant reviews- you name it; it’s all in the Kosher Nexus. When kosher news breaks, the Kosher Nexus fixes it!!