The following is from a press release we got:

Foster’s Wine Estates Announces Introduction of Boomerang Vodka
Monday October 22, 11:00 am ET
First Grape-Based Vodka Imported from Australia

NAPA, Calif., Oct. 22 /PRNewswire/ — Foster’s Wine Estates announced its newest product for U.S. shelves — Boomerang Vodka, the first 100 percent grape-based vodka imported from Australia.

Boomerang Vodka, the first imported from Australia, is sourced from 100 percent premium Chardonnay grapes from the Barossa Valley, instead of the standard grain or corn-based vodkas. It is five times distilled, charcoal filtered and bottled close to its source in South Australia, producing a smooth, well-balanced and supple mouthfeel. It is approachable and easy to drink — perfect served neat or in a mixed vodka cocktail.

Obviously, the product will not be kosher. And just as obviously, it will create huge problems in the marketplace. We suspect that within minutes of hitting the store shelf, there will be cries from the various agencies and some magazines who thirst for any crisis at any time, that we can only buy CERTIFIED kosher vodka. They will tell us that suddenly all vodka is suspected of having been made from grapes! Will it be true? Probably not!

A few years back, one magazine wrote about how pretty much all beer was kosher. They then went on to say that if you buy beer without a hechsher you could be buying a trefe beer because beer companies were putting wine in their product. To this day, we have not found one major brand here in the US or one imported European brand of which that is true!

We predict that this trefe vodka will create a similar atmosphere of worry and crisis! (The trefe vodka crisis!) Let’s sit back and watch as the fun starts.

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