Readers of this blog know that we love Norman’s Steak and Burger. We always have a super time when we eat there. We wish we could be there for Sukkot instead of here in the States, but as we can’t, we will just look at their Sukkot take out list and drool………..

NORMAN’S STEAK’N BURGER Newsletter Volume 57 September 2007 Emek Refaim, German Colony, Jerusalem
Telephone: 972-2-566-6603 Fax: 972-2-672-9548
E-mail: Website:
Preparing meals Succoth is not an easy time in the kitchen.

Relax……Norman ‘s Restaurant has a special take away menu so that you can enjoy the

Holiday, Shabbat and avoid the grind.

Fresh food at unbeatable prices!

Norman ‘s take-out menu is unique. None of our take-out items are frozen. We only prepare for orders so that everything is fresh and tasty.
We only use Glatt Mehadrin meats and our chickens are Mehadrin. All our baked goods and desserts are Mehadrin. All greens are Gush Katif type.
If you want a special menu with unique items Call Robin at (011-972-522-402883) 052-240-2883 or check out our website at


Norman ‘s Sukkah is everyone’s favorite meeting place. Don’t be disappointed. Reserve your place well in advance.


The restaurant will be open on:

Thursday, September 27th at 7:00 PM. Those observing two days can reserve and pay in advance. We will provide all the extra trimmings

Friday, Setember 28th. 11:00 am-3:00 PM. Those observing two days can reserve and pay in advance. We will provide all the extra trimmings

Saturday, September 29th open from 7:00 PM.

Sunday September 30-Tuesday October 2 regular hours.

Thursday October 4th open from 7:00 PM. Those observing two days can reserve and pay in advance. We will provide all the extra trimmings

Friday October 5th from 11:00am -3:30 PM.



Chicken soup: just like your Bubbie use to make
55 NIS per liter

Meat soup: chunks of meat with potatoes and vegetables in a tomato base
55 NIS per liter

Pumpkin soup: great for vegetarians
50 NIS per liter


Grilled salmon: with a tomato sauce
35 NIS per portion


Hot dogs in a blanket with mustard sauce

Whole roasted chicken: spiced to perfection

20 NIS per portion

80 NIS

Schnitzel: in a delicious batter
37 NIS per portion

Chicken fingers: your kids will love them
37 NIS per portion

Stuffed chicken: with mushrooms & onions
40 NIS per portion

De boned chicken: in our chef’s sauce
52 NIS for two pieces


Roast beef: in a red wine sauce
220 NIS/kg. (4-6 people)

Meat balls: sweet & sour to tickle your tongue
36 NIS for 5

Goulash: so yummy

Honey garlic beef: cooked in our special sauce
110 NIS per liter

160 NIS per kilo

Kugels, Potatoes, Vegetables & Rice

Rice and mixed vegetables: So yummy

Potato kugel: need we say more
67 NIS (6-8 people

67 NIS (6-8 people)

Sweet potato kugel: with a honey sauce
67 NIS (6-8 people)

Vegetable kugel: with eggplant, zucchini, sweet potato & carrots
67 NIS (6-8 people)

Carrot tzimmes: with raisins in an orange sauce
67 NIS (6-8 people)

Roasted potatoes: with just the right spices
67 NIS (6-8 people)

Potato Anna: sliced potatoes with onions
67 NIS (6-8 people)

Cooked mixed vegetables: low fat
67 NIS (6-8 people)

Sweet noodle kugel: just great!
67 NIS (6-8 people)


Pasta Salad with vegetables

Mushroom salad: with a lemon sauce

50 NIS per liter

60 NIS per liter

Zucchini salad: with red peppers & pickles
55 NIS per liter

Potato salad: with mixed peppers & mayonnaise
45 NIS per liter

Coleslaw: with vinaigrette dressing
45 NIS per liter

Cucumber salad: with dill & red peppers in vinaigrette sauce
45 NIS per liter

Sorbet & Ice Cream (Parve)

Vanilla ice cream
58 NIS per liter

Raspberry, lemon, mango, passion fruit sorbet
58 NIS per liter

Individual pies: apple pecan, chocolate soufflé

Individual mousse: chocolate, chocolate exclusive

20 NIS per piece (restaurant size)

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