Buffalo Pretzels – A New Way to Spice Up Game Day

Very few snacks go over on game-day better than Buffalo wings or pretzels. Now sports fans (and snack fans in general) can enjoy the Buffalo taste just by opening a bag. The Snack Factory has combined these two party favorites into their Buffalo Wing Pretzel Crisps. They’ve got the same zesty, distinctive Buffalo taste with a light, crispy pretzel crunch.

Low in fat and cholesterol-free with only 110 calories per serving, the Pretzel Crisps are available in the signature resealable 6-oz. stand-up package. To check out Snack Factory’s other great Pretzel Crisp flavors, visit them at www.pretzelcrisps.com.

We have tried all their other flavors, and we love them all, so we expect that this one will be a winner, too!

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