Back in the 70’s, the story was that Fresca was milchiqs. It wasn’t, but that didn’t stop a certain class of people from spreading that crazy rumor anyway. In truth, that was the first of what we now recognize as a long chain of misinformation. Here is the latest iteration of that sort of stuff. Below is a copy of an email that we have now gotten over six times from six different people:

“from a Kashrus Alert by Rabbi Yudel Shain and Rabbi Yisroel Hisiger:


The Proctor and Gamble Company has made it known that Crest, “Pro
HealthToothpaste,” is made with animal derived ingredients, including pork fat.

The following Crest toothpastes are made WITHOUT animal derived ingredients and there is no information about presence or absence of alcohol in flavor.

1) Cavity Protection Toothpaste
a. Regular Flavor
b. Cool Mint Jell

2) Anti Cavity Toothpaste
a. Regular Flavor
b. Kid Crest

The rest of Crest toothpastes contain animal-derived ingredients, including porkfat.”
Ok, for starters, no offense meant to any one, but the whole thing is misinformation.

Toothpaste is not an edible. It is of no halachic concern that we can swallow toothpaste and suffer no harm. We do not eat toothpaste. We are not sated after ingesting any accidental toothpaste. Toothpaste is clearly not food.

The Talmud, in Yoma 8, tells us that eating non edibles is not eating, and therefore tarfut does not apply.

Second, one does not get extra credit in Heaven for Bal Tosif. Hey, don’t take our word for it: ask the ghosts of Nadav and Abihu.

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