This week, the big question that one hears over and over when running into friends, relatives, groupies, hangers-on and various others is: So, how was your yom tov?

Funny thing about Passover- once it is over and the dishes have been put away and chametz is back on the table once again, Passover quickly fades into the sunset of quiet oblivion. Oh sure, we count the Omer and that sort of keeps us hooked up to yom tov, but by and large, once Passover is over, it is over! “Was it Passover?? It seems like it was so long ago! Hmm, let me think…… Oh, yeah, it was good!”

During Passover, we reach our MSP fairly quickly. What’s the MSP? The Matzah Saturation Point. Once Passover is over, all is forgotten, forgiven as it were. It is so reassuring to walk down the supermarket aisles after Passover and see that in the last week or so, nothing disappeared. The cereals are all there in their sugary finery. The crackers are all there. Best of all, the Entennman’s stuff is still there! And admit it- didn’t the challah this past shabbat seem really fine???

Everyone loves Passover (except for maybe our housekeeper who every year offers to send us at her expense to Miami, Cuba or some place else.), and everyone loves to complain about Passover. The fact is, however, almost everyone will tell you that the Passover seder is their favorite meal of the year. Yet, the very minute, nay, the very second Passover is over, all is consigned to the dust bin of dim memory. Strange, innit?

For the record, at our seder we served: Chicken cutlets Polynesian, carrot tzimmes, farfel with shrooms and onions, salad, gelfilte fish, chicken soup with matzah balls, and the piece de resistance: brisket served in an onion/apricot sauce. The usual Vietnamese table of desserts was also served with your choice of teas……… (Yes, we know what its real name is) All in all, a great meal.

Nu- zug mir eppes: how was your yom tov?

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