Honey Nut Granola

Back to Nature Foods Company added Honey Nut Granola to its lineup. The granola is made with sustainably sourced honey. With the new granola, Back to Nature is also pleased to launch a partnership with GloryBee to support their SAVE THE BEE initiative, which will focus on research, awareness and education to prevent the decline of America’s bee population.

Honey Nut Granola is made with Tropical Blossom honey and cane sugar for the perfect hint of sweetness.  Made up of a satisfying mix of whole grain rolled oats, honey, pecans, almonds and coconut, the Honey Nut Granola can be enjoyed in a protein-packed yogurt parfait or a tasty trail mix.

The honey used in Back to Nature’s Honey Nut Granola is sustainably sourced from around the world and certified by GloryBee, whose diverse family of conscientious, dedicated and knowledgeable individuals have been striving to achieve the highest possible standards for their products for more than 40 years. Through this partnership, Back to Nature is a sweet supporter of the SAVE THE BEE initiative, which provides the research, awareness and education needed to protect honeybees and promote healthy honeybee colonies.  OU kosher


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