Good Health Veggie Pretzels (OU)

Good Health Veggie Pretzels

Good Health Veggie Pretzels are crunchy, crave-worthy snacks that make it easy to make better choices. This added goodness amounts to the vitamin values in a 1-ounce snack serving that is equivalent to the quantity of vitamins found in: 2.5 cups broccoli (25 percent vitamin A; 227g); 1 beet (10 percent vitamin C; 82g); five tomatoes (15 percent vitamin E; 15g); seven cups spinach (20 percent vitamin B6; 210g); two carrots (20 percent vitamin K; 122g). The Veggie Pretzels are crafted with bamboo plant fiber and sprinkled with Himalayan salt, and the proprietary Extra Goodness! blend was born to create a snack with the same vitamins found in vegetables, while crafting a well-balanced blend that helped meet recommended daily vegetables servings. The selected vegetables contain essential nutrients, including vitamins A, C, E, B6 and K.Good Health Veggie Pretzels
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