We are going to Mollie B’s for Turkey day! Long time readers of both the Kosher Nexus newsletter and this blog know that, except for last year when we visited the kids in Jerusalem for Thanksgiving, we always spend Thanksgiving at the home of Mollie B.

Mollie’s culinary expertise as well as her well known qualities as a raconteur all contribute to a day spent in serious feasting.

We already got “the call.”

Mollie: “Pretty boy, Ah sweah to God, you better start saving yourself for Thanksgiving. Don’t be comin’ to Mollie’s house unless you are ready to do some serious eating!”

Me: “Malkeleh, I am fasting in anticipation!”

Mollie: We gonna have two turkeys, gefilliks (stuffing), roast beef, mini hot dogs, fliegelach and all the usual stuff.”

Me: “Groan”

Moliie: “And don’t think that’s all of it. Uh uh. There will much more, sweetie. You better come hungry.”

So ok, we will go there hungry and ready for action. Hope your turkey day will be as fulfilling as ours!

We thank God for all the bounty He has given this country.

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