When we were poor, starving college students, we would do just about anything to convince ourselves that we were eating better meals than the poor offering before us on the table. As a result, hot dogs became tube steaks. My kids, who grew up eating well, liked the name enough to keep it. The Beast and TR2 (don’t ask- I have strange kids) love tube steaks, too.

Recently, the Forward (in the weekly English edition) ranked kosher hot dogs by taste, snap, and look.

Without further ado, here is the 2004 Forward Newspaper Kosher Hot Dog ranking:

Abeles and Hyman came in first. It has great taste, and just enough garlic, too.

Second was Hebrew National. They may answer to a higher authority, but they were only number two!

International Glatt came in third, Rubashkin came in at number four.

Number five was NY Kosher Deli dogs.

Numbers six and seven do not really belong on the list, because they are not beef, but as the Forward listed them, and this is their list, we kept them on the list.

Six and seven were Solomon’s Buffalo hot dogs and last, as well as least in the taste department: Empire Chicken dogs.

We have not had the Bison dogs, but we have tried the Empire chicken dogs. Those dogs barked their way right out of the kitchen. Our kids have a union, and the union threatened to go out on strike if we served them ever again! Guess what? We don’t blame them.

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