DRY Soda Co., Seattle, has introduced two seasonal flavors, Ginger DRY Sparkling and Cranberry DRY Sparkling, available in limited-edition 750-milliliter bottles. Ginger DRY Sparkling, said to be “bold, spicy and festive,” pairs with pot roast, bacon, Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes and sweet treats, and is said to be a suitable mixer for drinks made with whiskey or vodka, containing less sugar than traditional ginger beers ales. Cranberry DRY Sparkling is tart and bright, with about 70 percent less sugar per 12-ounce serving than traditional cranberry drinks. It pairs with such full-flavored meats as roasted turkey and spiral ham or holiday dishes such as mashed potatoes, latkes, baked brie and cheesecake, and can be mixed in vodka and champagne cocktails. The beverages are made with four clean ingredients, including a touch of cane sugar, and are non-GMO, gluten-free, OU Kosher-certified and free from caffeine, sodium and artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. SRP is $4.99 per bottle.

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