Odd looking, completely delicious, these tomatoes jump out of the box

Olivia Wu, San Francisco Chronicle ( Staff Writer


Americans love tomatoes. Americans buy tomatoes. Here’s the news, though: Americans are once again tasting tomatoes. And most of the tomatoes that truly have taste are heirloom tomatoes. […]

“Heirloom” means a fruit or vegetable has been bred from seed gathered from a plant that was pollinated the old-fashioned way, via birds and bees. Not hybrids, heirlooms produce in a way that’s “true to type.” In other words, the fruit doesn’t change much from generation to generation. […]

[A large portion of the article regarding growing tomatoes has been omitted so that we don’t infringe on copyright. Visit for the entire article.]

Wow- whoda thunk there was so much to learn about tomatoes???

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