Bison deli? Sure, why not? Abeles & Heymann (; site still under construction) makes bison pastrami, corned bison, and bison hot dogs (OU-certified).

This weekend I tried the bison pastrami. Yum!! It’s at least as flavorful as regular pastrami, but is much leaner. A really smooth taste. I shared a 6-ounce package with a friend who claimed not to be a pastrami lover, but he really liked it too. The 6-ounce package cost $5.99; the 3-ounce serving has 3 grams of fat and 120 calories. Not bad!

My newlywed kids – still discovering the joys of grocery shopping – had the corned bison, and said it was just as good as corned beef, but also much leaner.

As for the hot dogs – well, someone in one of the local stores that carries them said that it’s not worth the extra cost because they taste just like beef hot dogs.

Only one question for the folks at A&H – the package says that the meat is “coated with beef” and spices. Coated with beef?? What do they do, spray essence of cow on it? So how much of this is bison and how much is beef, in the long run?

At any rate, it’s worth a try.


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