The New Products Showcase of Kosher Today magazine lists the Kosher Diet Club. Intrigued, we looked them up and discovered:

“Move over South Beach, these days Kosher Diet Club is the weight loss program that everyone is talking about.”

Frankly, we were quite surprised. No one we know has been talking about that diet plan at all. We never even heard of it before today.

The plan involves taking a supplement every day, and the company proudly lists the ingredients in the supplement:

? Bladderwrack – Brown Algae (Seaweed), clinically proven to suppress appetite and increase metabolism.

? Psyllium Husk – Seeds or husk of Plantain plants, that promote intestinal function and elimination.

? Oat Bran – Dietary fiber

? Aloe Vera Leaf – Aids in digestion

? Cascara Sagrada Bark – Promotes regularity, primarily active in the large intestine

? Silicon Dioxide – Prevents cholesterol build up

? Magnesium Stearate – Release agent for vitamins

? Cellulose – Dietary fiber

So what does it all add up to? Well, the oat bran,Cascara Sagrada Bark,Cellulose and the psyllium will all send you to the “throne” room for some moments of solitude. The aloe vera wil leave your stomach silky smooth! (Just kidding) The silicon dioxide will do nothing for your hunger pangs. Ditto the magnesium stearate. Finally, the word Bladderwrack is just too funny to even contemplate. However, we did some research and discovered: “Bladderwrack is supposed to be good for dieting when obesity is from thyroid trouble, underactive thyroid. It primarily is for thyroid troubles.”

Beyond that, Kosher Diet Club offers recipes for a healthy life style. They go on to say:
“Unlike other diets, KDC includes all food groups with no calorie counting and no points. The KDC secret to success lies in that it teaches you how to adopt changes in your eating habits that you can live with for a lifetime, so that once you lose the weight you can keep it off. Based on our unique 13 Step system, the KDC program allows you to eat carbs, protein, starch, dairy, fruits and vegetables. Each of the 13 steps covers a 3 or 4 day span, while each week is comprised of one 3-day step and one 4-day step ? it?s that simple.”
Simple? Nah! Weight loss is never simple. Unless you follow the simplest plan of all: keep your mouth shut. Eat less. Exercise lots more. Our advice? Skip this one!

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