We suspect that the line about kosher for Passover Viagra was a joke, based on the fact that it makes something rise. Really now!

Kosher cannabis? It is a plant. Do we buy certified kosher watermelons? Do we need now to buy only Glatt Kosher marijuana? The OU foisted glatt on all of us some years back. What will they do with Mary Jane? This is yet another example of the moral bankruptcy rampant in the kosher certification industry. For example, the major agencies cry innocence about certifying spring water. They say, “What can we do? The companies want it.” Puleeze!

“In recent years, many kashrus agencies have greatly expanded their “non-food” kosher food certification extending to appliances, shavers, and even artificial dissemination (under rabbinical guidance). Many drugs and nutritional supplements have received kosher certification as have oral hygienic products. Several rabbis told Kosher Today that people who observe kashrus nowadays are cautious about anything that they ingest and not necessarily food.”

Maybe the agencies should be honest and stand up and say that they will not certify any product that does not have a halachic (Jewish legal obligation) need for certification. There is already an OU an a product that is absolutely poisonous to people. You die if you ingest it. Why then the OU? Is it so people who wish to kill themselves can do it with a kosher product? The product is POISON. End of story.

There seems to be a growing interest that even drugs have kosher certification despite the rabbinic leniencies that people that must take these drugs could do so even without kosher certification.

Rabbinic leniency?? Since when is an explicitly allowed substance according to Jewish law a leniency? Halacha says it is ok. Going way beyond the halacha did not work out that well for Nadav and Avihu, did it?

In fact, at least one rabbi expressed reservations about the kosher certification of the marijuana. “Our Torah clearly mandates that a critically ill patient can consume drugs even if the origin is a pig,” he noted. But other rabbis said that in 2016, cooperating manufacturers and certification agencies can team up so that even the most critically ill patients and their families have the peace of mind that the cannabis was kosher.

Once again, puhleeze. Learn to recognize “narishkeit” when you see it. The statement by the anonymous rabbi quoted above, makes a good point, but does it in a stupid way. Marijuana does not need hashgacha. Period. No comparisons to meds made from pig are relevant or needed.

Many years back when the OU was foisting glatt meat on all of us, an often heard refrain was along the lines of, “My zayde was a religious man. I refuse to believe that he ate treif because he did not eat glatt meat.”

The same thing can be said today. I refuse to believe that all the religious, ehrliche yidden who smoked pot back then were smoking trefe.

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