Kosher Today announced today:

“Less than a year since it assumed control of Empire Kosher Poultry, Inc. (?Empire?), the nation?s largest kosher poultry company, the new owners and management announced a series of bold steps to bolster sales.”

Well, we have two suggestions for Empire (www.empirekosher.com) for increasing market share.

First of all, lower the price. Make chicken affordable. If you eat anything other than thigh meat, you need to go to the bank to buy chicken.

Second of all, clean the birds. Empire’s birds are the “dirtiest” birds. We keep a bottle nose pliers on the edge of the sink for pulling feathers. Surely, you guys could package a more appetizing looking bird by doing a better job of cleaning it! It can’t just be the cold water- the other kosher companies use cold water, too, and they manage to package a cleaner bird. Frankly, if Empire wants our business, they have to treat us like valued customers.

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