The most unhealthy snack in the world can be found in the Ukraine. Hold on to your seats, folks! Chocolate covered pork fat is a big treat in the Ukraine. No wonder so many have tried to leave!

In the Ukraine, they call this snack Ukrainian Snickers. They take a piece of pork fat and dip it in sweet chocolate. The inside is salty, the outside is sweet. Altogether a true taste treat.

And you wanted to know why it is that the Ukraine has the highest death rate from heart disease in all of Europe. Wonder no more!

As we have often opined, “Whew, we sure are glad we
keep kosher!”


In Singapore, it is now legal to buy and sell chewing gum after a twelve year ban. There is, however, a caveat: you have to register with the government as a gum user and get a gum chewer’s “license” so that you can buy gum. Illegal gum traders risk a two year jail sentence!

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