Announcing the Kosher Nexus News Service – A Publication of the

Have you ever noticed those headline services on the Internet
from CNN, NPR, Associated Press, and even Yahoo? Well, the
Kosher Nexus is now offering its own RSS news feed just like the
Big Boys. This is the headline news feed for kashrut. If we are
not the first, then please tell me who is.

“What is RSS and how do I use it?”

RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication” but it has been
renamed “Rich Site Summary”. I like the old name better. The
Kosher Nexus web site provides headlines and links to articles
available on the Kosher Nexus web site that an RSS reader can
understand and access.

You can download a free RSS Newsreader for Windows from . Once installed, hit the “Add” button
and enter the following URL…

Your RSS reader will check for new Kosher Nexus headlines. It
will pop up a window to tell you when a new article is

You can add Kosher Nexus RSS headlines to your “My Yahoo” web
page if you are using that service. Click on the button at the
top of your My Yahoo to change the services available on your
web page. Then select the new RSS Headlines service. When you
click on this service, a small window will come up to ask you
for a news feed address. Enter the following….

Hit the “Browse” button and another window will come up, that
identifies the Kosher Nexus News service. Now hit the “Add”
button. Your Kosher Nexus Headlines will now appear on your “My
Yahoo” web page and be updated regularly.
Kudos and mad props to Alex Herrera who did this and also wrote the above piece!

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