We thought broccoli had a first name (like Balogna), but it turns out that Albert Broccoli was the man who broght us James Bond on the silver screen. Plain old, no first name broccoli is a creature of another sort.

But, leave us not forget that broccoli can best be described as sunglasses from nature! Yes, broccoli; you read it correctly!

Broccoli has long been known to be high in anti oxidants, iron and folic acid. Researchers have also found that it may help prevent stroke, anemia and even protect us from cancer. But wait! There’s more! Yes, if you eat it before midnight tonight……… Just kidding. But there is more.

It seems that broccoli is high in sulforaphane (an anti oxidant) which may protect the eye from damage caused by exposure to UV light. And if that is the case, it may also protect us against macular degeneration.

Here’s the kicker: for people who already suffer from macular degeneration, doctors recommend eating two and a half pounds (yes, 2.5!!) of broccoli daily.

What can we say, except if someone is eating that much broccoli, what ever you do, don’t pull their finger!!

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