As we pause for Yom Kippur, we wish all of our readers a tzom kal (an easy fast) as well as a meaningful Yom Kippur.

We would like to share a story we heard:

A young man rode on the train through the frozen steppes of Russia. As he rode, he was quite fidgety. A much older man riding in the same compartment noticed the young fellow’s apparent distress and asked what might the matter be. The young man replied, “Many years ago, I did something that was so horrible, so wrong, that I couldn’t face my father over what I had done, so I ran away in the middle of the night.”

“Many years have passed and now I wish to go home, but I am not sure if my father will welcome me home or not. I wrote my father a letter and asked if I could come home, but because he has no way to contact me, I told him that I would be on the train and to hang a white bendel (a cloth band) from a branch of the huge tree in the station yard if it is ok for me to come home.”

As the train drew closer to the station, the young man grew more and more restless. Finally, he said to the older man, “I can’ t look. Will you look for me?”

The train pulled into the station and screeched to a stop. The older man looked out the window and lo and behold there were hundreds of bendelach hanging from the branches.
Our Father surely loves us.

Gmar tov!

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