Vilde Haye is a quirky new Israeli boutique beer brand inspired by an imaginary klezmer orchestra and its colorful members. 
The beer’s name means “wild beast” in Yiddish – a term also used for naughty children.
The concept started out as a final project by a group of design students from the Max Stern Academic College of Emek Yezreel. The students hoped that presenting actual, live beer during their final project would help take the edge off an otherwise stressful experience, said Itay Tzuker, one of the brand’s founders. 

But they quickly became serious about their goofy idea, and started working on the actual beer making. The students teamed up with the Mosco boutique brewery, which makes Vilde Haye’s beers to order. 

Each beer has a mascot – a shtetel musician with his or her own back story.
There’s violinist Artek Binyamin Tzukerkendel, who adorns the amber ale (“a bitter but balanced beer that rests on the border between happiness and melancholy, just like a violin”); accordionist Zelda Manya Grepps (“burping Zelda Manya”), the village crazy lady adorning the wheat beer; and clarinetist Yoshkele Baygele Shmendrik (“fat bagels Yoshkele”) on the stout beer. The cartoon illustrations verge on the grotesque, while the stories often veer into the pathetic. 

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