Whenever we are in Austin, Texas, we go to the H E B that houses the Kosher Store and the deli there. When last we were there, it was in May, 2015. At that time, they told us that the store and deli was about to undergo some major transformations.

Coming to Texas in January, 2016, we could not wait to go to the Deli there. The food is always very fresh and very good. The prices are reasonable, and the counter crew very nice.

As always, when we were there, the food was delish! We do have two small complaints, however. Getting your food there seems to take forever. We waited almost 20 minutes to get our sandwiches. We also ordered fries. The fries came out of the freezer and into the fryer. They needed a tad more cooking time- the outside was fine, but the interior was soggy.

All in all, we would surely go again. We love the food there. Granted, some of the stuff they put on a sandwich is strange to this former East Coast USA fellow. After all, putting sprouts on a deli sandwich is a tad odd to our tastes. But, as they say in the food biz: Each to his own tastes!

We like going there, and when we are in Austin, we go- often!

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