We took a trip to San Antonio, Texas. While there, we stopped at the recently opened Moshe’s Golden Falafel.

Cutting to the chase, there is no way we would go back. We would rather go hungry than eat there.

The pita was baked to a crispy finish. Holding the pita in our hands and taking a bite, resulted in the pita cracking like cracks in ice on a frozen pond. One bite, and the pita was in a thousand little pieces.

In a full pita, they gave three falafel balls. That was surprising, because where we buy falafel, three falafel balls are found in a half pita and not a full pita. On top of that, the falafel balls were cold and not very good. They were much too dense and dry.

We had our pita with three falafel balls, hummus, baba ganouch, tehina, onions, and salad. We ended up eating it with a fork and knife due to the broken pita.

The place is clean, and if you don’t mind sharing tables, it is not a bad place to sit. On the other hand, don’t go for for the food.

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