Cutting to the chase, we can say- Run away from the place. We found nothing there to recommend it.

For those of us who grew up in the US as kosher observant Jews, eating in a kosher Mickey D’s could be a thrill. Eating in the Micky D on Ben Yehuda St is a nightmare.

We got there at 2:45pm. The place was very busy. We waited in queue for 9 minutes. Keep in mind that on Ben Yehuda St, the most commonly heard languages are Hebrew, Arabic, English, and French. There were two young men at the counter who seemed to not know what they were doing. Additionally, neither spoke a word of English. Three teeny boppers in front of us did not speak a word of Hebrew. They had to wait for the counter man to bring another counter person who spoke English. Making matters worse, never stand behind three teeny boppers who are constitutionally incapable of making a decision. (That was not the fault of the restaurant.)

Finally, it was our turn to order. The lady heard our fluent Hebrew (but with a pronounced American accent) and decided to speak to us in English. Her English was so poor, we asked her to please speak in Hebrew only. We gave our order, the young lady entered it into the register and read it back to us. Not bad, she only added one thing we did not order and left out one thing we did.

You get a tag with a number on it. You find a table and stake it out. You wait. We waited 24 minutes for our order to be ready. Of course, two other orders were ready at the same time. With only one person at the pick up counter, we had the grand luck of being the third picked. By the time the young fellow fumbled his way through the other two orders and we finally got ours, the fries were cold. The burgers were not exactly hot.

We went back and complained that the fries were cold. We were told- not in as many words- tough luck. Back to the table we went to eat. One of us ordered the Mega burger with Broadway sauce. There was barely enough sauce to cover the roll bottom, lots of shredded lettuce, no pickles, and one very small piece of onion.

The meat itself was low quality. We found bits of gristle in our burger. The meat had a very poor texture, and, frankly, was just not very tasty.

On the plus side, the soda was ice cold! Perfect for a 90F day.

Our verdict? Run-away. Eat somewhere else.

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