Carbonated water, or seltzer, is having a sales resurgence, as a healthier alterative to sugary sodas and artificially sweetened diet sodas. The drink is both sugar- and calorie-free and comes in a variety of flavors to help consumers satisfy a less healthy soda craving.

Americans upped their consumption of seltzer 29 percent over the five years ended in 2013, according to industry tracker Beverage Marketing Corp. In that same period, carbonated soft drinks experienced a drop of more than 7 percent.

Surprisingly, brand advertising is not behind this growth in sales, as most companies spend more advertising traditional sodas than carbonated water. Both Dr. Pepper Snapple Group and Nestle SA are changing gears and focusing more on seltzer sales, with the former expanding U.S. distribution and the latter launching more flavors, reported The Wall Street Journal.

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