Inspired by traditional and artisanal recipes from Europe, Victoria’s Kitchen’s specialty beverages have the perfect combination of delicate yet tasty flavors that awaken your taste buds.

With no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, our Almond Waters and Organic Lemonades are so refreshing they will make you feel like your lounging in the freshly-cut grass in the South of France.

All our beverages are Gluten Free, GMO Free, Dairy Free and Vegan.

I hope you will enjoy our refreshing beverages as much as our family does.

Inspired by my grandmother Victoria’s recipe, Almond Water is infused with the perfection combination of almond, vanilla, rose extracts and a hint of sweetness. Using only pure natural ingredients, it is a refreshing alternative to high calorie craft sodas, lemonades or sweet teas.

Ingredients: purified water, cane sugar, natural flavors, natural extracts (almond, vanilla, rose), citric acid and A LOT OF LOVE.

55 calories per serving.

Certified Kosher by Orthodox Union
Almond Water Original


Almond Water Coconut brings together the traditional aspect of Almond Water with the tropical flavor of coconut, creating the perfect mix of sweet and refreshing. Enjoy at home or on the go and add fresh mint and a touch of Rum for a fun cocktail!

Ingredients: purified water, cane sugar, almond, coconut and other natural flavors, citric acid, and a lot of LOVE.

50 calories per serving.

Certified Kosher by Orthodox Union
Almond Water Coconut


I recently discovered an ingredient that I like to add to almost everything I eat or drink: Ginger.

Our organic Ginger lemonade is made with 5g of fresh cold-pressed ginger, lemon juice, a touch of cayenne pepper to bring out the taste of the ginger and hint of organic cane sugar to give it a little sweetness! At Victoria’s Kitchen, we’re all about delicious and healthy family beverages. I really hope you will enjoy my interpretation of the perfect lemonade.

Ingredients: purified water, organic lemon juice (from concentrate), organic fair trade certified cane sugar, organic cold-pressed ginger juice, organic cayenne pepper.

No added flavors. No preservatives. Just the perfect balance of sweet and tart flavors.

35 calories per serving.

Available in select retailers starting April 2015.

Certified Kosher by Orthodox Union

Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth

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