NEW YORK — Open the doors of a frozen foods section in a kosher supermarket and you are likely to find a half dozen brands of kosher pizza, some in upscale packaging. Industry sources say that kosher frozen pizza continue to increase by double digits each year despite the growing competition and a trend towards healthier foods.

According to Packaged Foods, frozen pizza sales continue to increase in the general market as well with sales reaching over $5 billion. Several kosher food industry experts reached by Kosher Today said that the sales “do better in the winter when people simply look for a quick meal rather than venture outdoors, especially in the Northeast and Midwest.”

The kosher pizza manufacturers have in recent years focused on healthier versions of the pizza including offering whole wheat and reduced calories.
Let’s think about this for a bit. When was the last time you got kosher pizza that had any mozzarella cheese on it? Cheaper cheeses predominate in pizza stores. Or as we have said over and over again- it almost does not pay to buy a slice or a pie from your local kosher pizza store, because there is little chance it will actually taste good.

Here in Israel, if you want a really good pizza, you go to a good dairy restaurant where they make pizza with buffalo mozzarella cheese (the best mozzarella). Other than that, the pizza stores here in Jerusalem make lousy pizza. Some places even use yellow cheese (essentially it is like using American cheese). Pluch!

On the other hand, when you buy frozen pizza here in Israel, you get a pizza with actual mozzarella on it. Most people here keep some shredded mozzarella cheese in the refrigerator and add it to the pizza along with garlic,onion, peppers, chiles, and oregano. It’s ready when you want it, made the way you want it, and it costs a lot less than pizza store pizza.

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