Polly-O String Cheese Announces OU Kosher Certification

Polly-OKraft Foods announced today that its entire line of Polly-O brand string cheese is now certified kosher by the Orthodox Union (OU). Polly-O is the only mainstream string cheese brand to be kosher certified by the OU across its entire line of products. Kosher consumers can now enjoy the well-known quality and taste of Polly-O String Cheese that is 100% real cheese, with no artificial flavors.

“We’re always listening to our fans, including those in the kosher community, and we know they are looking for premium, mainstream brands with OU certification,” said Camille Vareille, Sr. Brand Manager for Polly-O. “With high-quality ingredients and delicious flavors to choose from, we’re excited to offer Polly-O to kosher string cheese lovers,” Vareille added.

The Polly-O production facility in Campbell, NY underwent numerous rabbinical inspections and a full koshering process to attain the OU certification. The plant now has a team of kosher supervisors, one of whom is always on-site during production to meet the OU’s strict standards.

Polly-O String Cheese and Polly-O Twists are available in seven varieties and are a favorite of moms and kids alike. Widely available in the Eastern U.S., Polly-O is made with no artificial flavors or preservatives, is a good source of protein and calcium and contains 0g lactose.

Polly-O sister brand Kraft String Cheese, available in the Western U.S. states, has attained OU kosher certification on many of its varieties, as well. Consumers should look on Kraft String Cheese packages for the OU symbol.

Polly-O and Kraft String Cheese products bearing the OU-D symbol are available at retail outlets nationwide, but as always, observant consumers should be sure to check for the OU-D certification symbol prior to purchase or consumption.

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