Available in Israel, but coming to the US and other places.

A new series of products for home cooking fast SALT N ‘EASY

Designed for the salt roasting poultry, fish and vegetables and fast cooking results, delicious!

With SALT N ‘EASY anyone can become a master chef!

The company “salt of the earth” Launches Salt N ‘Easy – a new series of products intended for use in salt roasting method.

Salt-N-Easy Products are a revolutionary cooking aid for roasting with salt and allowing the preparation of succulent dishes of chicken, fish and vegetables quickly and easily. Salt-N-Easy is based on natural sea salt combined with herbs and spices – 100% natural. A variety of flavors in four different styles:

Salt N ‘Easy Marrakech: Contains sea salt, celery, thyme, caraway, cinnamon and nutmeg – delicate flavor North African cuisine.

Salt N ‘Easy Silk Road: Contains sea salt, turmeric, mustard, ginger, rosemary, oregano and herbs constituting meeting of East and West flavors.

Salt N ‘Easy Mediterranean: Contains sea salt, herbs, thyme, tarragon, coriander, fennel – Flavor and Aroma Mediterranean.

Salt N ‘Easy Tuscany: Contains sea salt, red pepper, green tea, citrus peel, basil, celery, garlic, rosemary, oregano and sage – provide the perfect Italian taste.

What is the salt roasting?

A simple method, quick and easily exploits the unique heat conductivity of the salt and provides a soft, juicy texture and great taste without adding fat. With this product, you do not dry out the chicken. Fluid does not escape, and the chicken comes out juicy and tasty.

Salt N ‘Easy – The advantage of the series is the ease of preparation, just place the chicken on a bed of the bag and put in the oven.

Salt N ‘Easy. Place the chicken (you can prepare a whole chicken or parts of) the center of the baking pan, empty the contents of the bag around the dish, and place in an oven preheated to 200C (400F) degrees – until browned. Highlight the flavors of the mixture and sprinkle the dish slightly, before grilling. An excellent solution for anyone who wants to prepare a delicious meal without wasting time.

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