As we begin the new year, we reflect on the crisis of emerging anti Antisemitism and anti Israel sentiment poisoning the world around us. We Jews have always been the canary in the coal mine. Now, we have watched as little Israel fought a battle not just for their own defense, but a battle for civilization as we know it, as well.

Here in Jerusalem, it has been a very long and hard summer. Yet, as Jews, we do not fill our hearts with bitterness nor do we seek revenge. We just show the world that we will survive. 70 years ago, the Nazis tried to destroy all of European Jewry. Today, the forces of Islam hope to do the same. We pray that in the new year, the countries of the world will join together and fight the forces of darkness that seek to envelop all of us.

May we all be blessed in the New Year with health, happiness, a measure of wealth, and time to enjoy it all.

Rabbi Jeffrey Rappoport
Editor in Chief

Ms. Deborah Wenger
Contributing Editor

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