Located at 36 Emek Refaim St. in Jerusalem, Caffit is a lovely, little cafe. It offers patio seating, outside (sidewalk) seating, and indoor seating. The indoor seating is comfortable and air conditioned. Kashruth is Rabbanut. The restaurant serves dairy foods.

We were hesitant to go there, because we had read too many reviews that said the service was not so good. We went anyway. There were two of us for lunch.

Service was not bad by Israeli standards. That is to say, you have to pretty much always signal a waiter if you want something. They are not too good about coming back after delivering your order to the table.

Pretty much every review we read said the dishes served were enormous. Well, they must have meant the size of the plate, because the portions were not big at all. Our lunch companion ordered a wonderful salad. Or at least it was wonderful on the menu. In reality, it was a small salad that did not appear to be very fresh. We had pasta in cream sauce. The pasta was fine, but it was drowned out by the cream sauce. The sauce was a tad thick and cloying. Our lunch companion, was still hungry after her salad, so she ordered sweet potato pancakes. The plate came with four small pancakes.

We had a good time, and we enjoyed ourselves, but, frankly, it was the company and not the food.

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