We went to the super Target in Austin, Texas. Wowzers! What an eye opener that was!

Target has apparently decided to give Walmart a run for their money in the Kosher foods department. We were totally taken aback to see so many house brand kosher items. In particular, there were bottles and bottles of kosher salad dressings in some really good flavors. The amount of Kosher cookies and other baked goods was also pretty neat.

The Target we visited actually pretty much had a full supermarket’s worth of grocery items. Our own Target back at home is much smaller (then again, we are in Texas and everything here sure seems much bigger!), so we figure that much of what we saw here we won’t see at our Target at home. But, we can always hope! Check out your local Target.

Posted on February 17, 2005 at 3:00 am by Rabbi Jeffrey Rappoport · Permalink
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