We used to think that travel was exciting. We were wrong! Airplane seats are made for Protestant back sides and not Mediterranean tushes. Leg room is non existent. The air in the plane is stale. And the airports are sterile, boring, and uncomfortable.

But worst of all, try to find anything of substance that is kosher in most airports! Sure, you can buy the packaged nuts, the candy bars or the small cookie bags. Just try to find a kosher bagel, a kosher ice cream, a sandwich, etc. It ain’t there!!

This week, we spent three hours in the airport in Nashville. It felt like three days! In each of the airport’s wings, there were the same three food places, and none of them carried kosher stuff. The airport in Austin is lovely in a post modern, sterile sort of way. Once again, try to find anything kosher there. You won’t.

We do not expect to find kosher stores in far flung airports, but by the same token, something other than the usual fresh apples, oranges and bananas that all airports sell should be possible. In Nashville we couldn’t even find kosher chips or pretzels!

We spotted a young couple in an airport store. He wore a baseball cap. She wore a denim skirt that swept the floor. Bells and sirens went off in my head! Gosh, he probably thought the hat allowed him to sort of fade into the crowd. WRONGO! We approached and asked if they had found anything at all to eat in the airport. The lady grinned and said, “The big cookies and the brownies here are kosher.”

We tried them- yuck! We were better off not eating.

Hey folks, how hard is it to find something decent to offer your kosher travelers?

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