On page 20 of the guide, we find the section concerning kashering a microwave.

1 The microwave should be cleaned very well.

2 Do not use it for 24 hours.

3 Boil a full glass of water in the microwave for 10 minutes. It should spill over in the process. (Ed. note: nowhere does it say that the entire inside needs to be covered with condensate.)

4 Refill the cup and move it to another spot in the microwave. Repeat the process.

So, here is our question: What does the second boil do that was not already done by the first boil? What if the microwave has a revolving plate on the bottom? Plain and simple, one time is enough.

On page 23 we read:
Another example of the difference in minhagim (customs) is that beef sold in the U. S. under reliable hechsher is glatt kosher. It is possible to find non glatt sold under hechsher in Israel.
The old Rubashkin meat sold off their non glatt meat in many markets. Is the OU implying that that meat was not reliably certified? Wow- that’s a stretch!

Second, although is the truth, saying that it is “possible to find non glatt meat sold under hechsher in Israel,” is a distortion. Most of the meat sold in Israel is still not glatt. Shame on the OU- clearly a case of geneivat hadaat.

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