Imagine a fast food store where everything on the menu costs five shekels. Really. Emes! Just that sort of place is now open in Jerusalem at the Central Bus Station, downstairs on the street.

Pizza? 5NIS
Boureka? 5NIS
Soda? 5NIS
Sandwich? 5NIS
Danish? 5NIS
Donuts? 5NIS
Coffee? 5NIS
Tea? 5NIS

Are you getting the picture? The food is tasty, but not exactly gourmet. Then again, for five shekels, what did you expect?

The pizza crust is a tad soggy and soft. The sauce, however, is excellent. The cheese is clearly not mozzarella, but is somewhat tasty. We are not sure just what cheese it was.

The egg salad sandwich was long on bread, but short on filing. We opened the roll to find four slices of egg, two slices of tomato, and lots of lettuce.

Soldiers sitting near us also said the tuna sandwich was excellent, but way too much bread to tuna ratio. They also liked the donuts. Finally, they said the soda cans (not 12 ounces) were incredibly cold.

As we said, it ain’t gourmet. But if you are there already and just want very cheap food, it is the place to go!

Badatz certification

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