Located on the first floor of the Mamila Mall, this Rabbanut Mehadrin restaurant is a true gem. The food is excellent, the service good, and the atmosphere fun.

Three of us went. Two of us had the soup of the day, a most creamy and slightly spicy tomato soup. The portion was quite large and for some could have been a meal in itself. One of us had the chicken stuffed spring rolls- two perfectly prepared and very delicious pieces. Served with a cherry dipping sauce- featuring whole cherries- the combo was exquisite!

Our dinners consisted of ribs in BBQ sauce, pargiyot, and tenderloin (sinta). All three dishes were served with mashed potatoes and grilled veggies. We often tell people that we moved to Israel just so we can eat kosher rear quarter meat. Ok, so that is an exaggeration. But we do love sinta.

We were not rushed in any way, and the evening there was wonderful. We would certainly go again and again and again…. .

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